However long and distant the journey seems, one always returns to the light, the One in the Light

The VRIL GENERATOR assists in gathering the light electromagnetic energy of the planet Earth which enables the practitioner to see into the subterranean kingdoms, as well as astral travel, access hyperspace, increase Immortal awareness in opening the chakras, assist in the initiation of distant travel to other planets, moons, and stars.

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I am finding myself exuberant, very excited about flying. I keep getting the feeling or sensation of flight at random times in the day. This has never happened to me before except for once in the past I saw an eagle and automatically related to the sensation of flying, but this idea is very foreign to a human with no original memories or experiences of flight.

I am elated in these sensations of flight, of liberation. This VG has done wonders, I thank it, it helps my connection with the 'all-pervasive electric membrane'. Like water and oil, I will be lifted in a frictionless membrane of light, liberated and empowered. – A.


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The individuals who provide and work with these Immortal Chakra Crystals have been doing so for many years. To date I have received all of their chakra crystals as well as the various portal crystals offered on

I have had my chakras immortally activated by the empowerment of these crystals which were blessed by awakened Immortal DNA that these advanced practitioners possess. These were blessings that would have taken many years for me to realize on my own. Now I know what Immortal Chakra awakening is.

I encourage others who are on the Physical/Spiritual Immortality path to experience these crystals by first looking at the web page Immortal Chakra Crystals.

Immortal Blessings, Greg Gavin, Editor/Owner


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Astral PSI Practitioners - going places others still only dream of - below the surface of the Earth and to other planets


the divine is not religious, neither is religion divine







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  Interesting Stories for Visitors  - where common sense and higher intelligence converge

a netherworld below Kansas   

…reentry below Skiros - subterranean travel journal

Entering the Matterhorn, secrets of prior global civilizations

What Lies Deep below Manhattan?

the coming Mississippi Sea the source of subterranean booming sounds - view the architecture of a bizarre frankenstein kingdom being engineered below our feet, a prison for those who do not serve the coming NWO agenda

The Golden Subterranean Pyramid Grid

Freedom in Flight - humans knowing the energy of the freedom of flight

Guardians to the Interior of Mother Earth


The Closed Environment for Protection and/or Control

Given sufficient time, under the absolute control of a closed environment, people can be convinced of anything.


Vesuvius vs Rome, Why it is good that Rome is where it is?

Entering Vesuvius with the Shaman Guide  [March 29, 2012]

Vesuvius - In 79AD the greatest historically known volcano blew leaving an expansive mystery for future humans to study. Is the eruption of VESUVIUS providing an experience establishing the beginning of a new epoch for Mankind? An intense surface training period where the battle of enlightening forces fell foul to the suppression of darkness?  Have cavern doorways again been locked so that humans can no longer enter into the depths of the sanctuary Mother Earth - barring cavern tunnels leading into the Subterranean complexes ... closed down as surface populations become too 'savage like'?


 "What is vril?" I asked.

[from Chapter VII of the book "Vril, The Power of the Coming Race", by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton[1871]


Interview with Cherry Hinkle - well known UFO/Paranormal researcher, writer, assistant and confidant to those who know [April, 18, 2012]

New Stories in progress -

Saturn and Uranus - follow the myth

TimeTravel - no machines required



What We Know So Far

"Obtaining Keen Insight -The Evolution of the Human - Direct Transmission from the Center of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE, Entering the Bermuda Triangle Chamber

Establishing the Foundation of Immortal DNA"


Dear Friends, fellow Hollow Earth Seekers,

We wish to stress how important it is for one to enter the state of meditation and activate the vibrational frequency daily. This can be done quite quickly without great interruption in one’s daily routine by laying down on their meditation mat, stretching their body’s muscles, and allowing the shower of energy to be released through their spine and brain through the bridge of the neck. In a ten to twenty minute period of relaxation and energy transmission the human psyche will become aware of the numerous emancipating – divine energies and can appropriate their interest as to astral and time travel during their deeper sessions. By gazing on the planetary portals one will glean many histories that are within the Akashic records, waiting for the aspirant’s [transcending] self-discovering

We are [] the only group presently who focus a singular awareness of study on the portals leading into the Inner Earth Subterranean cavities, that is offering this information publicly.  With rare exceptions, this information is being gradually allowed to the surface population. As is, the dominion of the Inner Earth may be seen as ONE in continued harmony. Still, this is for each individual to decipher as in their balance and personal light integration. We are enabled to communicate and transport our VRIL Astral Body into the Earth as we receive higher fuller light embodiment. As the astronomer studies the light shifts of the various stars moving through the distant universes, so is the star body of each human entering and mutating in a light shift, due to their ever expanding capacity to vibrate and to receive.

Our personal and ongoing cultural exchange is the achievement of higher light energy, which will allow for the further evolution and knowledge of our source in the stars, and beyond.

We perceive now as in the past that this greater volition, this inner exchange of light awareness is occurring on the timeline as appropriated in the divine whim [however exacting to determine, nevertheless occurring]. We acknowledge that all manner of angst will be demolished as one enters the higher circuitry of the heavens.

By this wisdom, and by staying on track, all miracles and heavens will be shown to you and enter into you.

Thus faith is always good to have on hand. Make your bank of faith larger than any other, as you will soon realize that faith is the true power – the only true power of the higher path; one which evades the never ending parameters of the experience alone. Publishing



For One to ENTER the Hollow Earth, One's Light Energy must be EQUAL to that of the Inner Earth. For those who know and accept this truth passageway into the Hidden Places of Mother Earth is realized and experienced.



Time Travel with Us into the Past and Future (opens in Adobe Acrobat)

Hitler's Death?

Extersteine - seat of the Rama Empire?

Viewing Crystal Cities 150,000 years from now


None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Visitor Inside Mt. Shasta

read "The STORY OF M, Visitor Inside Mt. Shasta"


A Woman's Description of  Her Physical Visit Inside the Mystical Mountain of Mt. Shasta


to learn more about Mt. Shasta and the Hollow Earth go to Dianne Robbins' web site:

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Mt. Shasta, Put Here for Us to Learn Who We Really Are


Spiraling Upward - into past... 4000 years...length of light waves


Mt Shasta Apex and Perimeter 


Mt. Shasta, The Door to Eternity -  September 10, 2007


Lemurian Encounter on Mt. Shasta


More Stories of Lemurian Encounters on Mt Shasta


Doorway into Flight by Exalted Electrical Current


Starry Vault, Our Destiny



go here to view Slide & PDF Presentations given JULY 25 -2010


Moon Dock July 11, 2010

Entering the Moon Zone


Tunnels of Gold Below the Amazonia Floor

What the Vatican Does Not Want You to Know 



The truest danger is the loss of the 'little mind', which occurs quite readily.  Why would one want to view the incomprehensible, a magnitude of energy that does not comfort the legality of the finite causeways? Because You, the Practitioner are of a Greater Mind - the Divine Immortal Mind - the Mind WITHOUT fear.


Tunnel Bridges into Eden - Sink holes - Wells - Cylinders Into the Subterranean Crystal




Astral travel Into the Interior of the Earth  


Everything is a Vibration, Avoid Cruelty


Clark, Hulda - The Cure for All Cancers.pdf opens in Adobe Acrobat - right click to save

Ten Components for Mastering Physical Immortality


The Gods Who Battle - for the Egg


greeceaegean.JPG (32967 bytes)

Astral Journey Below Skiros, Doorway Leading into The Hollow Earth



EYE on Monsanto


Branton Interview with, "The Serpent People"  I believe that we should concentrate on helping the HYBRIDS to essentially ‘tame’ the reptiloids.  Now the fallen angelics do NOT want to give up their ‘material puppets’ that easily, so I believe that there WILL be those reptiloids who (with more than a little help from the ‘hybrids’) will be ‘tamed’, and then those -- the darkest and most parasitical ones -- which will remain in the HIVE. - Branton


THE SMOKY GOD, or A Voyage to the Inner World by Willis George Emerson


"Archaeological Coverups" by David Hatcher Childress  in NEXUS magazine


Has Anyone Seen This GIANT?,  the Story of the Strand Giant







Beyond Phenomena, the Biological Leader

The Disappearance of the Leader as a Martyr

By creating a leader who is a martyr, the leader never remains for questioning – no quick miracle at the neighbor’s supper table, no fire side village chats on the practices of defying gravity. This knowledge and corroborating evidence is removed, whether it be by a real crucifixion or an imagined crucifixion.

And with any gang which forms under some moral ‘creed’, everything by appearance is done in the open, all that need be hidden is the actual undertow of ritualized acts. The slight of hand beneath the magician’s cloak manifesting the living dove - gullible children accept with great awe. Humans across the board accept what is truly false as very real. There is no end to this foolishness, until there is escape from the state of ‘phenomena’, escape, by that royal entry into the state of Absolute Being - the true victory of Higher Self.



"The Journey to the World Under Ground," or "Narrative of Niels Klim,"




Underground city of DERINKUYU.pps (opens power point)


 Pyramid Code We have adopted Dr. Carmen Boulter (her website at Univ. of Calgary) as our soothsayer, intuitive scholar - mentor of Egyptian archaeological information – specifically that dealing with very large people, many Hathors with wings, sepulchers inside pyramids used as teleportation tanks…doors leading into secret chambers

Go here to listen to Dr. Carmen Boulter's talk on Teleportation in 3rd Hour of Coast to CoastAM, given March 23, 2010 (20megs)

Carmen Boulter on CoasttoCoastAM




Imhotep Visitation


Fly to Spain without a Plane

Taking the first step is always a good place to begin, starting with belief and adaptation to the task. Let's begin with turning your body into its original form - a machine of flight - let's talk about turning your body into a 'high energy' plane.

Think: 'to freely fly I need to free my center to the flow of the universal light energy grid which surrounds this planet'.  The Light Grid and the power to access exists always. One need only establish their connection to the global Light Grid to obtain power - initiating this frequency occurs by 'asking first'.


C A N   D O  - levitation in the subterranean temple


Music for the Mind for Visitors to

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The Bathory Account - A Fireside Chat


Geodes fluorescent crystals are naturally formed in the chemical solution of Mother Earth


Gerry Forster's Writings  


Journey into the Depths of the
Earth in the Ancient Ship of a Mayan Lord



Professor Hegg Comic art Gallery ENTERTAINMENT Section on the Hollow/Inner Earth