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Observations Reported While Astral Traveling to Vatican City in Rome

by  Leslee Dru Browning

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copyright 2008  Leslee Dru Browning &,  all rights reserved

Target Vatican City Rome
Time of Visit Over 6 day period 7/4-7/10
Report Completed   7/9/01


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Vatican City, Peaceful Garden and Hidden Catacombs


I know God. I know nothing of religion. My complaint is not against the religious man. It is the Church that makes me shiver.   - Leslee Dru Browning


The Italian Garden seen from St. Peter’s Dome


The dome of St. Peter's seen from the Vatican Gardens


           Arriving in Vatican City I am drawn to the spirit of St. Peter. He comes to me as a man clothed in simple dress, white hair, and a heavy heart. I find him in the garden looking over at the dome of St. Peter’s. He wishes that his name was not connected to the Vatican, but he betrayed Jesus and therefore he says his name has become the symbol for the Church. The symbol of betrayal, and like St. Peter betrayed Jesus, the Church betrays the common people. Ordinary people, who, like Jesus, are free to develop the Holy Spirit within themselves and receive all the gifts of the Spirit - these people are deceived into thinking that the only way to know God is through the Church. He says the church is within man, not outside, and man must realize this if he is to save himself from the ravages of bondage in the world today. His sorrow is deep, his spirit weary and because of it he is at unrest.


I find his spirit warm and good. He is honest and tells me he was once a rebel, that his faith had been tested many times, and many times he failed those tests. But in the end, his love was for God. He tells me those in the Church holding high power are not upholding the simple teachings of Jesus, but instead, are playing a dangerous game with the world. His spirit is angry that the Church holds the common people in such disregard. St. Peter’s spirit touches whoever he is able, he wants the blood of the Church washed forever from his hands, and I can see his spirit move among those who visit here.


Listening to St. Peter while standing on Vatican soil I can smell old blood, power, murder, theft, secrets held in the shade and hidden in the shadows of the Church’s walls, tunnels, secret rooms and inner chambers. St. Peter will now guide me into the Sistine Chapel.



Interior of the Sistine Chapel




The Sistine Chapel is the Pope's chapel in the Vatican Palace

The Sistine Chapel speaks to me, as if Michelangelo himself is speaking. He did not feel honored that he was commissioned to paint the ceiling of the chapel, and had he been able to he would have refused, yet he finally agreed, only after being given free reign that it would be his choice of what would be painted, and not the Church’s. He chose to work entirely alone and he painted a story of his own interpretation of the Holy Bible. The west wall is covered with "The Last Judgment" and the ceilings are covered with scenes of creation from Genesis. Michelangelo worked high above the floor, lying on his back on scaffolding. He painted some of the most compelling and powerful images of all time. There are nine scenes from the Book of Genesis. They include God Separating Light from Darkness, Creation of Adam, Creation of Eve, Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve, and the Flood.


As an artist with a free hand Michelangelo poured his heart and soul into his work, and the Sistine Chapel screams of his genius, and is engulfed with his spirit... I could stand in this chapel forever, drinking in the beauty and wonder of Michelangelo. His spirit comes alive and he stands next to me, an old man, amazed that his art still exists, yet disappointed with the cleaning work, his story does not look the same, but I can see how it looked before, in colors only a master can produce. In a voice barely audible, so gentle and low, he recites a poem that he wrote telling of how he felt while he labored for the Church, his body broken, his hands swollen almost permanently glued to the brush that truly made the Sistine Chapel his own. It is Michelangelo’s spirit who consumes this holy room, this chapel of worship,  where he was blessed and touched by God.


I was lucky to find Michelangelo’s poem in print, as I could not recall it when I returned from my journey. I only remembered the depth of the words from the man who, against his own will created a masterpiece, which I stood beneath and gazed in awe.



I've grown a goiter by dwelling in this den-
As cats from stagnant streams in Lombardy,
Or in what other land they hap to be-
Which drives the belly close beneath the chin:
My beard turns up to heaven; my nape falls in,
Fixed on my spine: my breastbone visibly
Grows like a harp: a rich embroidery
Bedews my face from
brush drops thick and thin.
My loins into my paunch like levers grind:
My buttock like a crupper bears my weight;
My feet unguided wander to and fro;
In front my skin grows loose and long; behind
By bending it becomes more taut and straight;
Crosswise I strain me like a Syrian bow:
Whence false and quaint, I know,
Must be the fruit of squinting brain and eye;
For ill can aim the gun that bends awry.
Come then, Giovanni, try
To succor my dead pictures and my fame;
Since foul I fare and painting is my shame

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  Portraits of Adam & Eve


It is when I am near the spirit of St. Peter in the gardens, or in the Sistine Chapel embraced in Michelangelo’s spirit, that I feel the holiness of the Vatican City. But, the rest of the city feels suspicious, suspect in its nature, like there is a battle of forces between good and evil.



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Winter, Margaret Macdonald (British, 1863-1933)


I am hearing that the reason for the erection of the Christian Church: after years of persecuting the Christians Rome made a brilliant move for resources of both power and finances. I sense that though initially the Church was meant to be Holy, it became infiltrated by a man who had great plans for making the Church the 'seat of world power', which I sense began sometime in the 1500’s. I am told that this is the period of time that this man lived.

I see it is the Jesuit Priests who ushered in the power of great deceit into the Church. Slowly, over the years, the Jesuits infiltrated the Church with their own men who have manipulated the position of the Church from being once solely a religious power to one that became and now has great political power. Yet, at the same time, I feel that this particular Church at its earliest origins was founded on the ways of the 'magician', and those who learned the ways of the Magi did not use their knowledge for the benefit of the common people. Instead, those adepts chose the force of dark magic to weave a web of worldwide control.

Most of what the Church harbors as its own has been stolen.  In the beginning of this pilferage,  the knights performed the Church’s dirty deeds. The Jesuits supplanted the knights, thus making the Church rich in artwork, sacred books, relics, money, and land. Here, beneath Vatican City, are vast hidden libraries with stolen books whose origins are from several parts of the world, even the Americas. Ancient books wrapped in cloth that hold the secrets on how to obtain God within. Spiritual teachings hidden away from man.

I hear the King James Version of the Bible, which was written to replace the original bible, was done so to give the Church even more control over it’s parishioners.

I am being shown the seat of Rome was once the main hub for implementing the NWO, but now the bulk of the manipulation and power of the NWO has been transferred to England. The Royal Family, and most of England, also worships in the Church. Yes, strong ties between the two. Great Britain, which is the agent for the Pope, is in charge of what I will call the US "cultivation". I am hearing that the so called founding fathers and King George were working together to bring down America, to install a Central Government over America, and to bind them to a debt that could not be repaid. With the year of 1773 and 1776 being shown me, I see that the Church has had its mark on America since the beginning of its birth. I do not see Queen Elizabeth II  as a big player in this, yes, she has blood on her hands, but this hierarchy is male dominated and she is used willingly as a pawn.

The Church, now being corrupt, has infiltrated most of the world. But, it has not been able to infiltrate Eastern Religions and Philosophies. I am told that this was the real reason behind the Viet Nam War, the reason for the Kennedy assassination. The NWO needed that war to begin their move into Asian Countries, and they would do it by slowly implementing false Christian Doctrine. In the name of world peace they wanted to bring down their opposition, in which they have not yet been completely successful.

Freemasons, which actually make up the Illuminati, along with those of the Vatican City and the Reptilians, are all key players in the hierarchy of the Church. The face of Bush shown in the fog indeed verifies the sense that I have had since 1994 that he would be the Millenium President of the US. He was hand picked for the position, as most presidents were. I am also told the next Pope will be the Black Pope, this Pope will carry pure evil in his heart.

The Church’s hand has been deep in developing communism, and many treasures were taken from the Jewish People during the reign of Hitler. I also am being shown that Cuba is a secret and will never be touched. I see Castro, Bush, and Hussein - all friends, playing a pretend game of battle in front of the media for the entire world to view, and be brainwashed into thinking these heads of countries do not work together, when indeed their end goal is the same.

There is so much that I am seeing, too much for me to write down, too many faces that go with the spiritual battle on Vatican soil, and in the world today, so I will end this part here, and if questions arise, I can answer them later.

I will say as a final culmination to this part of my astral report that I both see and sense there were some here who were here in the past, and some who are still here, who are not of this earth. Reptilian beings, initially ordered Rome to act as a portal in and out of earth for those from other parts of the galaxy. Rome, Italy was not chosen for the land, but for the great bodies of water that surround it. For having a Sea on both sides of it, for the rivers, and tributaries, which allowed for the constructions of underground waterway tunnels that moved beneath Rome.



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Portal Picture to other worlds

The age of Pisces has an entirely different meaning for me now, it represents both the Christ Consciousness, and the time span of Reptilians who have slowly been building their empire on Earth. The great dichotomy can be felt strong here in Vatican City, and now I know why St. Peter’s Spirit grieves. He tells me this is not the way it was suppose to be, the Christ movement was not about large churches becoming political entities, it was about being filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

Rome and all of Vatican City feel like it has been raised. There are cities built over cities, worlds over worlds.

Looking over both the Vatican City and Rome I can feel cities buried on cities, perhaps even worlds upon worlds, which I will now begin to explore. The first building I am drawn to is St. Peter’s Basilica.

I have found a small passageway in the south wall of St. Peter’s Basilica that leads to an underground city that seems to lie beneath the center of the Basilica. It is a shrine to the dead, a mausoleum two layers deep. It appears to have already been discovered, maybe by city or church officials, yet they did not unearth everything, there is much still here, history left behind in the bowels of the earth. Beneath the bottom of this mausoleum lies undiscovered pagan relics. Six-pointed stars, pieces of ragged tapestries rotted with age, and cups of tarnished silver for drinking the blood of animal, and even human sacrifices. I see old bones that appear to be animal and can still smell the fire that burned beneath a full moon hundreds of years ago. Occasionally, even an innocent child was offered in exchange for good luck and blessings. I can hear screams from those who were sacrificed during the ancient ceremonies, helpless and chilling.


These Satanic Rituals that took place on this spot and were held twice a month on the Full and New Moons. It feels as if it was a square open building, with twenty-five stairs leading into the sacrifice chamber. Torches were carried, and although only men participated in the slaughter, I feel the sense of a dark woman behind it all.




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Redon Odilon (French, 1840-1916)

I can sense the presence of an entity; part man, part beast, which led the slaughter of those I hear screaming. His head is larger than most who live today, his eyes black and piercing, chest bare and oiled, yet he is completely covered with thick black hair on his back. His hands are large; his fingers long, his nails pointed remind me of talons. The bottom half depicts pure animal, with fur from the buttocks down, thighs large and bulging, yet ankles slender, the top of his feet are dark and leathery. The entity still lurks here in the dark gloominess of this passageway, and the vibration fills this tunnel with a suffocating energy, his satanic energy flows upward to those who walk over him unaware.





The catacombs were a subterranean burial place for the Christians


I hear these catacombs began being built sometime in the second century. They were used for memorial services like we would have today at a funeral and also for an internment for the dead.

These early burial sites were used to mark the simple graves and preserve the memory of a Christian martyr or to mark vaults of noble families sympathetic to the Christian religion. Except for the few that lie beneath the Vatican, these lie outside the city area, hidden and out of view.

The catacombs feel like they have at least four levels connecting an enormous system of galleries, tunnels and hallways linking the passages with steep, narrow steps. Bodies of the deceased were placed in niches by what I sense are cuts from the wall of soft rock.

The bodies appear to be fully clothed, wrapped in linen and sprinkled with ointments to offset the decaying odor and sealed with a slab inscribed with the name of the deceased as we would use a headstone. I hear it is the mixture of oils which preserves the bodies, and that the complete preservation of an uncovered body today has nothing to do with Sainthood.

I hear the Catacombs of 'St. Callis'? (can’t quite get the full name), which served as the official burial grounds for the first bishops of Rome, and the Crypt of the Popes contains the tombs of several pontiffs. There are also a few magicians who have been laid to rest in death, treated with the same reverence as the bishops and Popes. Their bodies also were wrapped in oilcloths and sealed in vaults for preservation.

Inside some of catacombs, relatives of the dead have placed ancient artifacts along side the deceased loved one, which were of importance to the person who was buried. Silver cups, perhaps to depict the Holy Grail, cloths embroidered with gold threads, candles, and sometimes even a small piece of furniture if the catacomb was large enough.

The smells of the catacombs vary. For the most part they smell musty, but every once in awhile I get a whiff of an oil, perfume, or incense that hovers slightly in the room. The catacombs are dim, almost dark, with the exception of some being slightly lit by the light entering a tunnel that may lead to an outside area. Most who visit use candles, flashlights, or lanterns to walk these hallways.

Tunnel Systems

 waterway.jpg (47494 bytes)

Wandering back to the gardens I hear the rushing of water beneath the earth. The grounds are extensive but the sounds does not come from the garden sheds, or any building on the land but rather is under our feet, beneath  the flower beds. I sense the massive underground tunnels that not only run beneath the Vatican City, but all of Rome. Tunnels, tombs, catacombs, all beneath my feet waiting to be explored.

I am told that others put the tunnel system in place, a more advanced race, and that it expands throughout Rome, and even into the mountains. There are two reasons for the tunnel and waterways that run through Rome. This first was for the Reptilian Race who inhabited the water; the second was to keep their enemies out by flooding the tunnels at times of attack.

I also hear that there are tunnels beneath Vatican City that run between all other Churches, and that these particular tunnels are hidden, and accessed though hidden openings, or doorways, in the floor. These tunnels are also meeting places for heads of states and world leaders. They come in secret. The tunnels are lit from the flames of candles held in candlesticks. I see that their are entrances for these meeting places from other churches, but also, there is an entrance to the west of Vatican City from the sea where boats can enter in the dark of the night bringing people who are to remain secret from our eyes.

The magnitude of exploring all the tunnels throughout Rome is great, and would take several trips in; therefore, I am only going to explore a few so that you will have a feel for them. Walking in the different tunnels, some have been renovated and are in great shape, others have collapsed or have filled with soil. The tunnels are 5’, 10’, 20’ and even 50 feet deep. I am even hearing that they go as far as a mile or two beneath the earth.

I am seeing pieces of masonry, probably once part of a building. I see pieces of metals and they appear to have come from space ships that used this area for a base on earth. I now see a woman; at least she appears so. She is dressed in metallic silver with a helmet or hat in a triangle shape that sits upon her head. She is adept at shape shifting, and appears in many forms before me. Behind her I get a glimpse of a ship. This may be the "dark" woman I felt who was behind the ritual ceremonies. I can only see the flesh on her face, looks pale. The rest of her body, including any hair she may have is covered. She is gliding in the air and I believe teasing me with her presence. She comes from another planet.

Along with all the paraphernalia of the time when these tunnels were built, I see, at a depth of mile, very large bones, and metal ornaments for the body. I sense these are not bones of animals, but from giants who once walked this land, and I am told to go check beneath the Coliseum for further verification.



Coliseum in Rome

coliseum.jpg (49897 bytes)
Coliseum prior to excavation


coliseum2.jpg (36316 bytes)

Coliseum after excavation work

The Coliseum is not in Vatican City, but in Rome and I am going to mention it here because I believe it is an important part of the history.

The Coliseum was used as a blood bath and the smell of blood is still strong here. The Coliseum appears to me almost like a medieval fortress. I feel the Romans loved gathering in the Coliseum because they truly enjoyed watching others die. These deaths were in offerings to the gods, and I sense that the Romans believed that the souls of those who died were somehow transferred to them, or gave them power.

Underneath the main arena, there are passageways and cells for the animals and prisoners. I am entering beneath the floor of the Coliseum. Here lies a labyrinth of underground hallways, storage rooms for various scenery, and cells for both animals and prisoners used as gladiators. I feel a high wall was in place to protect spectators from wild beasts. I can see that the emperor and high dignitaries of the time sat at the highest reaches of the wall, enabling them not only the best view, but also the safest from harm. I also feel that the floor was sometimes flooded and mock sea battles were fought for entertainment.

This was a huge amphitheater for events that took place: gladiatorial combats, wild beast hunts, strange humanoids were displayed here, as well as giants. Most of the battles that took place feel like gladiatorial combats and the wild beast hunts. Beasts were imported from all over; it looks as though many came from Africa. Lions of course, for slaughtering Christians. Tigers, much larger than we see today. Wild bulls, elephants, leopards, but all so much larger than the size of these animals today. The spectral vision of another species, is seen played out before me, I can only describe it as the form of a dragon being attacked by many gladiators in ritual combat.

 This is an extremely gruesome place. I can see that the ancient Romans are obsessed with blood and gore. It feels like the ancient Romans are obsessed with bloody battles and death. Their thrill came from watching one man kill another man, or watching one man kill many innocent animals. 'Murder' here, is an appropriate word.

gerome3.jpg (40935 bytes)
"Thumbs Down", Gerome

  Gladiators seem to arrive in chariots dressed in purple and gold-embroidered cloaks. The gladiators then prepared themselves to fight. Duels ended in death. At the end of the day, only half of the gladiators remained. Death in gladiatorial combat feels more symbolic than it appears. It is almost as if this combat was used for religious purposes. I see a duel was fought to the death to honor a chief's tomb whose spirit required the sacrifice of blood, that the duel is a memory to the death of great leaders. I am told that 'blood sacrifice' was common, and may still be in use today in secret ceremonies that even now take place beneath the earth's surface below Rome.

Criminals and slaves were condemned to face a starved wild beast. I am shown that lions were starved for three days prior to the event. If the beast were lucky enough to kill its prey and survive, its fate would still be one of death by being placed in the arena with a man so trained to kill wild beasts. I hear that sometimes there would be up to a thousand plus dead a day. I also see fights between dwarf gladiators and women.

 After the gladiators appear to be dead, I see officials dressed as demons from the underworld, check to make sure that the gladiator is truly dead. They assure this by hitting the gladiator over the head with a mallet or by burning him with a hot iron. He is then dragged out of the arena to the playing of trumpets. I hear screams, cheering and laughter amid these atrocities.

All the dead-men and animals are dragged out by way of a gate. Why are these people so fascinated by watching the weak being torn to pieces by the strong? I am told the purpose of these killings is to commemorate the death of an important citizen and help them into the afterlife. It is a religious ritual.

Today, beneath the ground I can see strange looking spiders, giant rats, white worms, and what appears as tropical plants carried in by the animals imported from Africa or India. The evidence of all past slaughter is here. I see huge bones from animals at about 50 feet below the earth. I see skulls of animals and humans. Some of these bones are so large –that as I look into the past, I see tall giants of men, 10-12-14 feet in height. They appear as we today often picture cave men in dress with animal skins for clothing. I see broken daggers, lances, and bits of armor.



Going deeper into the earth...

...I see parts of which could only be space ships, this is about a mile down into the earth, in a type of underground central base for those who have traveled here from other worlds. I get a strong sense of another energy inhabiting this area, one from space, whom most likely originally built all the tunnel systems, and even erected the large building and coliseums with their magic, teleporting the stones in place by what sound to me as flutes and chanting.



 I am going to end my report here. I must stop somewhere; otherwise this paper would soon turn into a book.

My final thought: Rome and Vatican City were originally a portal, a space station for transportation to and from other worlds.

I found what is called the "Mystery Frescoe", a painting over 2,000 years old, which has archeologists baffled. They are baffled because of the style of the painting. For me it expresses exactly what I feel Rome once was, not an HE entrance, but a space station. You decide for yourself.


We have lots of remains of ancient cities, and lots of literary evocations of different urban landscapes, but the visual equivalent is very rare."

-------Nicholas Purcell


mysteryfrescoe.jpg (24488 bytes)



Questions asked to Leslee on Vatican City by


(from doc) It feels as though initially the Church was meant to be Holy, but became infiltrated by a man who had great plans for making the Church the seat of world power, which I sense began sometime in the 1500’s. I am told that this is the period of time when this man lived.

Do you have any sense of who this man may be? Was he perhaps a prince, a magician, a lost soul? Or was he sent from another dimension?

The name that I hear is "Loiola—or Loyola". I sense this man had some sort of accident or illness when he was younger that kept him laid up. While he was recuperating he studied and read numerous books. Eventually, he learned the ways of the Magi, but I feel he was thrown out of many different religious orders – monasteries, even various groups of knights. I think that if he had been accepted into a religious or knight order, instead of rejected, then we would not have the Jesuits today.

I sense he was born in the late 1400’s, and established the Jesuits when he was around 45 years of age, give or take a few years either way. He actually feels more like a soldier than a priest. He somehow influenced Pope Paul III to create the Jesuit Order.

I think the Jesuit Order became the most powerful in 1776, by creating The Illuminati, putting it in motion so to speak. I hear the Knights of Malta are somehow tied in, and I have already mentioned the Freemasons.

I will reiterate that I am only talking about an elite group of people at the top of these societies. For instance, most people who Freemasons are not aware of the true drive behind the society. Just as most people who worship in the Church are not aware of the Church’s political doings.


Freemasons, which actually make up the Illuminati, along with those of the Vatican City and the Reptilians, are all key players in the hierarchy of the Church.

Do you see that the Reptilians are controlling this process for a reason? Is there a need for them to use the human resources for their agenda?

First off let me state that I believe they have bred with humans over the course of history, therefore, the Reptilian’s are now human in our eyes so to speak. It has been a very long and tedious evolution for them. I also sense that they can shape-shift to be seen in whatever form they want to be seen in. Human, animal, etc.

Their ultimate goal is complete world control. The NWO. Human’s have become simply a cog in the wheel of life, used as ‘worker bees’ to support these organizations. I could also say that this is a great game of chess, a spiritual war, the outcome not yet determined. It depends solely on the masses of people. Will the people continue to sit back and allow complete control in their lives, or will they wake up? Hard for me to say, I think most of the people in the world live in a hypnotic state, and are not even aware of what is real anymore. This can happen in many ways, TV, music, propaganda, even symbols that work on the brain to keep people complacent.


But, there are also a few magicians who have been laid to rest in death, treated with the same reverence as the bishops and Popes.

I am curious. Would you describe these magicians as having powers that were made available to the clergy at the time? Were the magicians in anyway set above the clergy?

Everyone at one time had access to learn the ways of the Magi. Esoteric readings were available for study, and if one wanted to go through the long process of acquiring esoteric gifts, the information was there.

If a person is aware that they are able to discover God in their own rite, through certain educational processes, why would they need the Church? This was the reason for the Religious Inquisition, the destruction of the esoteric works took place so that man would not have the ability to develop spiritual gifts on their own, without that ability they would turn to the Church as a liaison between them and God.

To answer your question, the powers were available at one time to all people. Did those in the clergy develop these powers? No-- most did not. And, that is why the magicians and seers were called upon back then. These were people who were either born with their gifts, or through a series of initiations, developed them.

I am going to say that there are two sides to everything. So, the power of the Magi can be used for either good, or evil, and that is entirely up to the one who holds the gift to make that choice.


She is dressed in metallic silver with a helmet or hat in a triangle shape that sits upon her head. She is adept at shape shifting, and appears in many forms before me. Behind her I get a glimpse of a ship. This may be the "dark" woman I felt who was behind the ritual ceremonies. I can only see the flesh on her face, looks pale. The rest of her body, including any hair she may have is covered. She is gliding in the air and I believe teasing me with her presence. She comes from another planet.

Do you sense what part of the galaxies she could be from? What are some of the forms she is revealing as she shapes shifts? Do you sense she is capable of giving, or has off spring?

I think this woman is someone who ‘roams’ the galaxy. I did not hear a particular place. I do feel she was quite old, if not ageless, but her appearance was young—around 30. She can shape-shift into any animal or human form. I believe what I saw was her true form. I do not sense that she has offspring, but I feel she arranges for others to have children. Probably through abduction, or the woman is placed in a hypnotic state while being impregnated. The woman would then think she became pregnant by her significant other. How would she know? I was told in my travels that in the past nuns have been used for breeding, I just left it out of my report. Again, who would know? A nun would never abort a fetus, she would not share her shame, she would be able to hide her condition under her garments, and the baby would be readily given away after birth.

I would like to mention again that I felt she was ‘teasing’ me, toying with me because I was able to see into what I call the "invisible dimension". I say this because of an experience I had while working on this report. I was sitting in my living room relaxing and a man’s spirit popped in and attacked me psychically. I was taken back because this particular man is alive today, and also, because I did not come across him in my journey. The attack was minor, and I was able to remove his spirit from my home.

This experience became for me the missing puzzle piece for the following question---how do these people get away with what they do? Why are  people not more aware of what is actually happening in the world? It is because those in power can move about in the "invisible world"; they are adept in psychic manners. They are masters of disguise because they have been trained in the arts of magic, and use their skills for the dark side.

Usually when I astral travel I only make one or two contacts, which are of my choosing when I arrive at my destination. This means that only the ones I make contact with are aware that I am there. But, the powers that be knew I was in Vatican City, or the man who attacked would have never done so. His appearance validated for me that what I saw was the truth. Otherwise, no attack would have been made.

The woman I was allowed to see is just a fraction of who these people are, what they can do, how they can appear, and I sense she is a symbol for their access to other worlds and dimensions.




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