Observations of Mt. Tagenet, VHEC Journey AUGUST 22, 2010:

At one time the first pyramid was covered with gold and animal sculpted deity heads.

There have been several cultural influences over time, one seen as Assyrian, another as coming in from Russia. There are tunnels (designated in the illustration) immediately below the pyramid, one leading into a chamber that has an Apollo imprint. There is a larger cavern chamber back further, that of a military holding area for troops and weapons. This larger chamber was also used by various priesthoods as an energy conduit for cross-dimensional journeys, as well as going deeper into the planet. However this tunnel was prohibitive to those who are not of high priesthood status.

Much more was experienced, may this serve as a capsulated overview.


Mt.Taygetos is our 2nd Greece target, Skiros was an earlier Greece Target. For those who wish to look into the past journey to Crete please go here

By returning to the ‘Golden Age of Passage into the Interior’, one can review these hidden mysteries and ascertain the proximity, indeed exactitude of the markings of the cavern mazes.

The labyrinths of these cavern areas were/are in-lauded by the being Thoth, and are encompassed in these incantations to create a mastery in symmetrical reasoning for sustaining the many magical properties in origin, of endurance and training which place authority of divine knowledge on and in those who wish to achieve their understanding.



 Mt. Taygetos


through meditation in these group sessions one may receive strong amounts of VRIL energy



The highest peak of the mountain has the shape of a pyramid. Some researchers are convinced that this structure, found on one of the peaks of Mount Taygetos, was carved by the hand of man, in remote antiquity, to form this pyramid shape. Others, however, believe that this is nothing but a natural rock formation. No erosion mechanism has been suggested (to date) which could create this shape naturally. Particularly curious are the strange shadows cast at dawn and sunset. It is said that in ancient years, Spartans built a temple of Apollo at the peak. A church of the prophet Elias can be found at the same place.



Sunday evening directions August 22, 2010 Session 9PM to 11PM EST

VHEC Journey  into Mt.Taygetos in Greece -  - Ancient Timeline - Subsurface - Subterranean

We are looking at several pyramids here believed to be the remnants of one of the earliest crowned pyramids. Who are the descendants that left them there. Was there a mighty culture which once existed here?

This is a zone that leads into a myriad of tunnels which lead deep into the earth. Many of these tunnels are broken off in time, others go deeper. By use of the astral body one may gauge what tunnels are still intact if any. And what energy sources these tunnels will lead to: ancient artifacts. Our desire is to check into these subterranean places and view what the Atlanteans (generally) left there for humanity's use - at their risk.

 However subjective this may be for the first journey into the underground realms, the subterranean areas of Greece are packed full of tunnels and caverns. Worlds of magic that will keep the astral traveler intrigued over many journeys.



The VRIL astral traveler who is interested in following the timeline back into the history of the target area will find very intriguing mysteries revealed. 


Directions as given by VHEC Shaman Guide For Steps of Astral Journey:

In astral travel it is often a question as to ‘how deep (?) can I go, or, how far can I travel? To travel with a full sense of performance one has to prepare and plan out their journey in detail prior to entering the high energy arc of the VRIL. Through first planning in the mind and writing down one’s planned journey before, the spirit practitioner ‘knows’ the path to the objective target, and guidance from one’s spirit helpers is made available.


The cautionary fear, the will to see first before any travel, is a necessary built-in instinct of humans as well as that shared by their animal neighbors. We want to master seeing where we are going in our highest capacity. That is why remote-viewing first serves the astral projector entering a desired target.

If you are interested in the historical - time travel process. Find a time that best interests you and meditate on this prior to the session Sunday evening. It is important to know the Akashic Records will open to the one who has desire. By this the 'desire in your heart' to find out an historical account of a past event - is the key.

Spend time writing down your questions before the journey. There is nothing more true than the idiom 'ask and the answers will be given'. For many this is a practice for future analyzing how one can gather information quickly. By writing down your questions prior to travel, the mind will pick up on this and will penetrate the target for this information, whether one is consciously aware of this happening or not. The mind is always busy and equipped to gather information on many levels. The mind's eye will often go before your own observation and view things that are out of reach of the normal setting of your mind. Allow this to work for you. Soon you will be able to penetrate walls into other areas of buildings without entering them, in a simple gaze. You will also be able to access the timeline of events that occur in a moment. Several hundred years may be seen in a passing glance.

Our overall goal is finding a tunnel system(s) and entrance(s) beneath present day surface locations (targets).  By contacting beings in this area, those who have passed over but have left strong energy signals we may acquire information concerning tunnel entrances that may still be available to humans today.

 Create your circle of protection, and allow the positive energy of the VRIL to encompass your astral body as you power up  into the light energy grid of Mother Earth.

1.  9:00 - 9:15pm This time will allow the viewer to see symbols of archetypes that are part of the natural geomancy of the area. Gaze onto the targets of the satellite maps and raise your inner VRIL fire. Keen on light energies that are revealed as the third eye opens and gather a sense of the past. Call on the Akashic Records and open to the information pouring into your mind's HD.  Access the timeline going back to a date (or series of dates) that interests you. The more specific you are, the more specific the material is that you will receive.

2.   9:30pm - Once you are satisfied with the information you have received, enter into the area through your third eye more fully.  Slip into the time zone you have the high interest in and contemplate on your surroundings. Once you are satisfied with the surface experience, begin looking for entrances that lead down to the next level underground. Study the holy places of the past people. There are points of geomancy given in their location.

3.   10pm - Develop a method where you can see underground - by illumination. Send a signal out of your third eye that will light up your surroundings. This is a good practice to get into when going into the deeper caverns prior to entering the Crystalline Grid, or naturally illuminated places. Enter a more powerful vibration so that you will flow through walls quickly and begin entry into the deeper cavern areas below the city. Our overall goal is to find a colony or colonies that presently exist or existed in the past (having left markings of their existence).

4.   10:30 pm - Go as deep as you want. The journey into the Earth may be at times overwhelming in its beauty. The inner VRIL reveals the nature of Earth. Practice deep breathing, expanding your diaphragm. Think of the expanding diaphragm as a bellows which is adding oxygen to your inner fire.

11pm – close of VHEC Journey, meditate as long as you have desire to. Write in your journal notes if you wish immediately following the journey or wait until morning. Your memory of an event is the most authentic within a 12 hour period following a journey. The mental notes you have made along the way will pop up into your mind and will allow you to detail your story. Add drawings as you feel describe further the locations you have visited

peace and High VRIL,

Greg Gavin

VRIL Hollow Earth Circle, Moderator Publishing c2010




general information


Mount Taygetus, Taugetus, or Taigetus (Greek: Ταΰγετος, Taugetos) is a mountain range in the Peloponnesepeninsula in Southern Greece. It is the tallest mountain in the Peloponnese, reaching 2,407 m (7,896 feet) at the Profitis Elias summit. The Taygetus range is about 100 km long, extending from the center of the Peloponese to Cape Matapan, its southernmost extremity. The summit of Taygetus is an ultra prominent peak (2,344 m or 7,690 feet), as the Isthmus of Corinth which separates the Peloponnese from mainland Greece rises only to ~60 m in altitude.

The mountain is named after the nymphTaygete. Taygetus overlooks the cities of Sparta and Kalamata, whose skyline it dominates. In Byzantine times and up until the 19th century, the mountain was also known as Pentedaktylos (Greek for five-fingered, a common name during that period). The mountain range lies within the prefectures ofArcadia, Laconia and Messenia.

The slopes of Taygetus are heavily forested, primarily with Greek fir (Abies cephallonica) and black pine (pinus nigra). Devastating fires in 2005 and 2007 consumed much of the forests on the central west slopes, and only about half remain. Numerous creeks wash down from the mountains and the Evrotasriver has its headwaters in the northern part of the range. The mountain is a popular hiking destination and is part of the European walking route E4. The view from the top includes most of the Evrotas valley and the Parnon range to the east, while the view towards the west includes Kalamata and the eastern half of Messenia. Most of the southwestern part of Arcadia can also be seen from the summit.

Taygetus is crossed by Greek National Road 82, which links Kalamata to Sparti and separates Northern Taygetus from the Central Range. The Rindomo Gorge separates the Central Range from Southern Taygetos. The section of Taygetus that forms the backbone of the Mani Peninsula is also known as Saggias, and is often not considered part of Taygetus. The central part of the mountain range is commonly called "Skoteini Plevra" which means "the dark side" because the villages located there do not receive as much sunshine in the early morning and the late afternoon hours.

Part of Skoteini Plevra

[edit]Human Geography

The slopes of Taygetus have been inhabited since at leastMycenean times. The site of Arkina, near the village of Arna, contains three beehive tombs and is still unexplored. Taygetus was important as one of Sparta's natural defenses. The Spartans threw criminals and "unfit" (weak, sickly, deformed, or mentally retarded)infants into a chasm of Taygetus known as Ceadas (Κεάδας) orCaeadas (Greek: Καιάδας). In antiquity, male Spartan newborns were abandoned there if deemed unfit after examination for vitality. Recent evidence, found by the University of Athens, discovered remains of adult individuals which appeared to confirm that Ceadas was also, or mainly, a place of punishment for criminals, traitors and captives.[1] During the era of barbarian invasions, Taygetus served as a shelter for the native population. Many of the villages in its slopes date from this period. In Medieval times, the citadel and monastery of Mystras was built on the steep slopes, and became a center of Byzantine civilizations and served as capital of the Byzantine Empire. Mystras remains occupied by a tiny religious community. The buildings are remarkably well-preserved and a major tourist attraction in the region. 2010