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Crystals and the Activation of the Immortal Current 

The Crystal in the Back of the Neck - Bridge of the Heart and the Brain

In our series of Crystal Activation, we are offering the First Immortal Crystal as the Crystal in the Back of the Neck. Through the awakening of this chakra the practitioner of Immortal Rites is grounded in the powerful epi-center of will, the point of stress and strength which mitigates the encompassing energy circuits, which previously lay dormant.

As students of ancient occult knowledge we seek to re-establish this bridge back vital to our true eternal nature, in order that we will resonate with the Immortal Current, which upholds the streams of light that pervades the Universe.

How does one access this divine energy which releases new found reasons for long existence? How is the Thymus and Pineal gland activated which awakens the awareness of this deep reserve of Immortal energy?

First the expanse between the Heart and Brain must be linked in divine intelligence. The Activation of the Neck Chakra is the releasing of energy of the Immortal Body and the bridging of light between these two centers.

By meditating in full concentration on the neck chakra, by the practice of deep breathing and repetition of one’s own personal Godhead, one’s true deity (door) opens.  The Immortal Current trickles across the bridge as the Neck chakra becomes stronger and stronger.

The spinal cord illuminated raises the spiral of Kundalini upward, setting off the neurotransmitters of the Immortal Mind. Here the deep energies of the Hypothalamus and the Pineal Gland are opened as the Immortal Current continues along its path.

First Immortal Crystal for Awakening the Back of the Neck

Double terminated polished for receiving and giving two poles, make magical wands for healers for placement on points of the electric body grid

source: Brazil

Description: Varied inclusions formed around minerals while birthing offer multi-dimensional quality, enveloped in layers upon layers, giving special piezo-electrical frequencies

Rutilated Quartz 
contains needlelike rutile inclusions, tetragonal, the energy is electric. The element is fire and earth, the planet/signs is Mars-Pluto/Aries, Saturn/Capricorn. Rutile may be found worldwide in igneous and meta-morphic rock formations. It occurs in quartz.
The energy of rutile is magnified by the quartz for increased healing benefits. Rutile both disciplines and structures our approach to life. It filters out painful memories and may be used when investigating the shadow side of the self.

Energized: Crystal is immersed in catalytic energy of Immortal Rites of Physical Immortality and Supreme Immortal Consciousness in the ceremony of Self-Renewing Ancient Immortal Beings. 

Methodology: By placing this crystal on the spine at the location of the neck the frequency of light emission is increased and replenished.  Reprogramming the energy flux at this point allows for the powerful flow in increased vitality. Teleportation and access to multi-dimensions may be experienced.


Immortal Crystal for Awakening the Back of the Neck  
Activations of the Immortal Fire consciousness starts with chakra openings...these 12 were especially selected for their vibrations...These special DT Brazilian polished Rutilated Quartz wands are very rare....only 12 were obtained and when they are gone...it will be at least a year (if even possible) to obtain more. They have been the focus of Ritual, ceremony that took place in Sedona Az. Boynton Canyon Vortex. They were also encoded in the Sonoran Desert Point #17 Grid during the spring equinox 2006 full moon ceremony.
They have been orgonized by my pyramid for 6 months and have received the toning of the throat chakra tuning fork vibration. Healers may trust that they were first cleansed with Selenite, and Apophilyte, and then exposed to the brilliant Sunlight of the Equinox. They are encoded for multidimensional healing and opening of the Bridge ... Immortal Fire...(an alchemical process) the initiate and immortal seeker has chosen as a Path to Expansion and Integration of the Subtle Bodies with the Physical Temple....The Body is The Supreme Vehicle to support the Immortal Being for Experience....Longevity and Rejuvenation is a Choice....The Crystal will engage your vibration and resonate with your DNA. 
You may speak the affirmation: I command the Immortal Fire to Awaken within my Body now.
Be in the Moment

Offering for Immortal Crystal for Awakening the Back of the Neck :

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The Crystal in the Back of the Neck


The Back of the Neck Center 

The Back of the Neck Center may or may not be related to the Base of the Neck Center or Ta Chui referred to by Mantak Chia. The difference is that the Back of the Neck Center is said to be located at the center of the back of the neck, around the third cervical vertebra, in contrast to the Base of the Neck center at the seventh cervical vertebrae.

This center serves as a connecting point with channels and energies from the hands, arms, and legs.  Psychologically, it is associated with the one's sense of self, and one's association with one's profession and peers and with society as a whole [David Tansley, Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man ; Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light ].

The Back of the Neck Chakra, which can be considered the external counterpart of the Vishuddha chakra of Tantra, is located between the second and third cervical vertebrae, at the middle of the back of the neck. It is said to be a mental center [Aurobindo, pp.364-5] and to connect with the Brow Chakra at the front of the head [Paulson, p.90].

In Shakta Tantra this is called the Talu or Lalana Center, in Taoism the Heavenly Pool.

There are actually three chakras here.  As with the Base of the Head center, which serves as a bridge that allows the ascending chi of the spinal region to rise to the top of the head, the three chakras located along the Soft Palate (the roof of the mouth) mediates the descending Chi energy.

According to C. W. Leadbeater

"The fifth center, the laryngeal (see above illustration), at the throat, has sixteen spokes, and therefore sixteen apparent divisions. There is a good deal of blue in it, but its general effect is silvery and gleaming, with a kind of suggestion as of moonlight upon rippling water. Blue and green predominate alternately in its sections."

The Chakras, Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Ill. p.13

The Throat chakra would seem to rule the faculty of speech, being midway between the heart and the tongue.  It is also associated with clairaudience (hearing spiritual voices), and with hearing sounds, words, and music, and with taste, smell.  Another function associated with this chakra is taking in and assimilating of physical and emotional nourishment.  On the gross level this manifests as sensuous desire and enjoyment for food.  This chakra could be associated with the astrological sign of Taurus, which in current astrology is said to ruled by the planet Venus.


In Tibetan Buddhism, this chakra is associated with the dream state of consciousness.  Both Tibetans and Taoists use this chakra to access the dream state and develop the faculty of lucid dreaming.

In the Heschyastic system though, the buco-laryngeal center: "the commonest thought, that of the intelligence, expressed in conversation, correspondence, and the first stages of prayer." [Eliade, Yoga, Immortality, and Freedom, p.410]

When this chakra is open and functioning well, with a strong flow of Chi, one finds it easy to express oneself, and one's speech is clear and smooth.  When it is blocked, not only does one find speaking or getting the right words out difficult, but one also feels an unwillingness to change.

When there is an insufficient flow of love or emotional nourishment to the Heart-chakra, the person may try to compensate by desire for physical nourishment through the Throat Chakra.  Problems with gluttony or compulsive eating would then result.  When there is also a negative functioning in the base-of-the-neck chakra (negative self-image) the result could be bulimia and anorexia.


The Mouth of God Center 

Called in Chinese the "Jade Pillow" (Yu Chen), and referred to by Mantak Chia as the Small Brain (Cerebellum) Center, this chakra lies at the opening of the base of the skull, above the first cervical (neck) vertebra.  It is part of a pump that draws spinal fluid and chi energy upwards, as well as promoting yin energy and helping to balance the yang energy of the Large Brain (Cerebrum). [Chia, p.214].

This very important center connects with the Crown Chakra at the top of the head [Paulson, p.70]. Ann Ree Colton calls this the "Mouth of God" or "Bindu" Center, and identifies it with the Medulla oblongata at the base of the skull, in the proximity of the brain stem. This is the center where one connects with the cosmic mantra or "logos" [Colton,  Colton, The Third Music , p.272]. It also controls the in-and out-breath, hence the association of breathing, sound, and mantra [Colton, Kundalini West, p.38]. Ann Ree Colton adds that this center can be damaged through excessive drug-use, leading to mental unbalance [Colton, The Third Music , pp.58-9].  Due to the association with the breath, one could suppose that asthma, laryngitis, and other respiratory problems could arise from an imbalance here [Tansley, Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man, p.42]


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