Crystal in the Immortal Crown Chakra

Crystal in the Immortal Crown 

Sahasrara (Thousand Petal lotus)

In order for the firmament of Immortal awareness to be opened the Crown Chakra of the aspirant must be activated. Through the acceptance of preparation for opening the Crown Chakra the aspirant need be absorbed in the immortal rite of the opening of the heart and the relaxation of the oneness of mind in spirit.

The 2nd crystal in the Immortal Crystal Activation Series is sanctified with the mystical essence for the Opening of the Immortal Crown Chakra. Herein lies the ability to access the inner landscape of the Immortal planes, into the very essence of higher self creation.


Hold the crystal with the hands together, blowing on it, with the thoughts: 'the Immortal Breath awakens the Immortal Fire in the crown chakra. I am one with the deep Immortal Flame of Absolute Reality. My mind and body are being healed, balanced, coordinated, strengthened and aligned to the Higher All Giving Energy Source. I am allowing myself to experience my higher Immortal Power. I have no fear, no resistance, the higher immortal power flows into me without end'.

As one continues to repeat the ritual of this meditation, the atrophied coverings on the crystal petals of the crown chakra will slip away and the strong powerful light crystal petals of Immortal Active Energy will manifest powerfully. One will wonder where they have been all this time, how alone in their confusion and dis-empowered they once were.

Portions of the crown crystals (petals) near the ear enable telepathic hearing, communing with higher learned light communities and higher psi reasoning. The starry crown is often intimated as the lighting up of the crystals of the crown crystal matrix. The more crystals open the more pan-infusion of light energies. The person who has their crown chakra dramatically open is capable of attracting and communicating with persons from far distances, as well as receive energy and guidance from those of a very advanced level of grace.

Each crystal of the crown chakra emanates a special quality of divine capacity. Once active each petal reveals a new and individualized kingdom.

Place the Immortal Active Crystal next to the head, place it under your pillow; while meditating on crown, breath deeply and say the words of the mantra for rekindling the power of the Immortal Crown.

The open Crown Chakra by meditation exercise, responsibly heals the mind and heightens as wells as stabilizes the emotional and chemical Mood of the aspirant.  Awakening the endocrine glands, the aspirant learns how to access the deep stem cells of the body, rebuilding genetically the organs and tissues of the physical body.

The Crown Chakra is the apex of God contact. It is the corresponding bliss of union with the Over Soul, the Immortal Triangle, revealing the human soul to their Inner God in Paradise. The All Indwelling Self.

Identification with the infinite divine ego is acknowledging the pure essence of spiritual freedom. The Human realizes they are One in Godhood with all beings, the universe and the multi-creations, in the very core essence of being.

The Crown Chakra rules the pituitary gland (the master gland) the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex. As the Crown Chakra is increasingly activated the aspirant may fly through the top of their head into the Immortal Places – Truer Reality.

Delineating one’s hand above the head or approx. the width of four- five fingers, is the transpersonal chakra. Incorporated into the crown chakra the transpersonal chakra accesses higher standing and ability to unlimited flight and purpose of universal oneness.

 Through the continual application of the Immortal Crystal on the Crown Chakra, the Aspirant becomes stronger and more strongly aware of their infinite immortal capacity. They realize their true reason for existence is the awakening/re-establishing their Immortal Selves, by maintaining Physical Immortal Life.

As with any prospectus of significant work, this manual focuses on a particular concentration of study: the regeneration of the body and the maintenance of the cellular level to a high equilibrium allowing for a self maintaining adventurous lifestyle of immortal attributes. A clean living with meditation of immortal exercises allows the human to maintain the necessary needs for a physical and spiritual balance of high Immortal Existence.

Continued application of study and meditation exercises insures results.


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is the Crown Chakra Crystal Activator

Metaphysical Properties- Aids in becoming spiritually aware, increases awareness in every day life, and fills aura bodies with light and joy. Apophyllite is known as a spiritual body stone, addressing issues when you are ready. It is used for expanding new ideas and to aid in decision making; allowing you to set a direction you can follow, or to discover your next step in life.  Apophyllite is a soul-level healer.  I like to use them when I need clarity in my life.  They allow me to travel into those areas, which I am afraid to explore, bring me answers to life's questions, and allow me to be clear in my thoughts. I would like to think that this crystal will keep me clear as well as to stimulate and promote mental clarity.

APOPHYLLITE CLUSTERS   Apophyllite clusters are said to be a 'soul level healer'. It is a crystal that puts us in touch with the knowing and inner wisdom on a soul level. It also allows one to become aware of their own spirituality as well as the spirituality of family.  Brings a feeling of connectedness between one and the Universe.

Numerology- Vibrates to the number 4.

Gemological Properties- Apophyllite's chemical composition is Kca4F(Si4O10).8H2O.  Apophyllite is from the family of minerals referred to as the Zeolite Group.   The hardness is fairly soft, being only a 4.5 on the Moe's Scale of Hardness.  These particular Apophyllites are colorless, also some are faint pink or green.   The refractive index lies at 1.535 and the specific gravity is 2.3.  The main gem grade deposits are from India, however, Zeolites occur all over the world in low-grade material.

Chakra: Crown, 7th

Ruling Planet: Venus, but not as suited to astrological use as some other Venus gems

Stimulates the third-eye, but primarily acts on the crown chakra facilitating "tuning in" in accordance with ones consciousness and intention. It can help one recognize the truth in all situations, encouraging accurate analysis, most profitably used in self analysis where it encourages truthfulness in examining deficiencies. The natural pyramids formed by this mineral are energizing and preserving. A wonderful gazing stone for "seeing".

"Apophyllite facilitates attunement to ones body as well as to the higher dimensional life forms. It has been used to facilitate astral travel."

"Apophyllite can be used to maintain the energy necessary to assist in the actions required for preservation and rejuvenation. It can further clear and refresh the eyes via the utilization of two apophyllite pyramids, placed with the base section of each placed upon each eyelid."

We find that apophyllite enhances Reiki frequencies during sessions or for oneself. Sometimes its fun to lay down and put one of the pyramids on ones forehead. Creates a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm, allows one to recognize and act upon the truth in all situations. Helps one to realize that the state of perfection is the natural state of being, brings light and energy to ones being, and love to ones heart.

Apophyllite has been used to create a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm.

Clear apophyllite activates the heart energies and assists us to be a channel of love. Opens our energy fields to merge with the twin flame. For clarity of thought and the ability of inner knowing, of our belief systems which are run on fear. Use for loving yourself and becoming whole.

It allows you to consciously connect your physical body with the spirit realm. It is very useful for astral travel and it allows you to remain connected to your physical body during that travel. It allows you to bring your experiences back to your physical body. Natural Apophyllite pyramids will stimulate your intuitive vision, especially when you place the pyramid, base down, on your Third Eye Chakra. The pyramids will also assist you in channeling.

Apophyllite is used to create a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm. It enhances mindful analysis, tinged with universal love, and helps one to realize that the state of perfection is the natural state of being.

The natural Apophyllite pyramids have been used successfully for enhanced energy stimulation, bringing us "light" and energy, and love in our hearts.  They can also be used to charge objects and to preserve.  They enhance and stimulate our intuitive vision and Clairvoyance by placing the base of the pyramid at the Third Eye Chakra.  This can access the spiritual world to help us attain deep, peaceful stillness and alpha state/meditation/dream recall, the channeling state.  If we look sideways into the crystal pyramid, it is said that we can "gaze" into the future.  When looking through the bottom of the pyramid, we can navigate time and space, arriving at the "star gate". 

      Apophyllite is said to be used for out of body travel.  It keeps us consciously connected with our physical body during astral travel, also helping us to remember what happened during our trip so that the information (akashic records and past-life info) can be transferred to our conscious mind and retained afterwards.     Apophyllite can help us maintain the energy essential for rejuvenation, preservation, and correcting flaws that we recognize about our own attitudes or behavior.  

  Apophyllite allows us to both recognize and act upon the truth in all situations.      Apophyllite is very powerful for clearing mental fuzziness and channels for higher-self and angelic realm contact.   

   It enhances mindful analysis, tinged with universal love, and helps us to realize that the state of perfection is the natural state of being.    

Apophyllite roughly means "to leaf apart" in Greek.

Physical Works on the respiratory system and is particularly effective for asthma, allergies and regeneration of the mucus membranes. It is also good for treating the colon and bladder.

 Apophyllite is good for treating burnout, and maintaining high levels of energy required for large projects. It is spiritually uplifting and helps put seemingly big problems into perspective, leading to reduced pressure and thus helping the solution become more apparent. Clears mental fuzziness, calms and encourages tranquility. It helps to relieve inner pressure and feelings of apprehension, anxiety, worry and uncertainty. It both heals and opens the heart, brow and crown chakras.

Very powerful for deep, peaceful stillness and alpha state/meditation/dream recall. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, etc A very good stone for scrying.

As an elixir it is good for asthma and the respiratory system in general. It is also good for bringing love to ones heart. The rare green form of Apophyllite is good for activating the heart chakra. It is also an auric cleanser

The fairy stone. Helps you work with devas and fairies. Helps you work more closely with the plant kingdom.

Apophyllite is an aid to meditation and helps make a conscious connection with the spiritual world. It has been used to help in fire walking and astral travel. It helps one see the truth and then act on it, and is an energy stimulator. It relieves tired eyes when placed on the eyelids. When placed on the third eye chakra, it enhances clairvoyance and mystical vision. Apophyllite is also associated with the crown chakra.

The crystal has been charged in a vortex created by orgonite pyramids in a large copper spiral. There are kyanites, selenites, lapis lazuli, quartz, herkimers, malachites, hematites, magnetites, black tourmalines, rose quartz, chlorites, apophyllites, and an atlantean lazer wand, and a hyper-dimensional oscillator....for months....on full moon and new moons or solstices, or in this case equinox...empowered...charged with a crown chakra tuning fork...this apophylite is fully activated with the immortal current infused by the sun and the moon goddess energies. Remote viewing YOUR particular name and location on the was especially tuned to your personal vibration....
when using this to activate your crown ...please try placing it on your forehead while laying down at may experience a tingling or sensation in the area.....then, while sitting, during the crystal on the top of your head…you may also hold it in your hand..
this will also stimulate the crown....
envision a golden triangle of light that bounces from the back of the head the third eye, and up to the top of the head....keep this motion going....see the center of the brain, the hypothalamus gland....glow white...then push this light out of the crown....and let it shower down around your may tone a note that is pleasing to yourself and hold it and stretch it as long as deep as you can to create a vibrational may also invoke the mantra of commanding yourself to align your chakras and activate the immortal current throughout your body...i.e.: I command my crown chakra to respond to my, heal and rejuvenate my body/mind/spirit.
Please be free to experiment with your own intuitive your own higher self will assist you in what you need to do also.

Please email if you need any further advice or assistance.

Offering for Immortal Crystal for Awakening the Crown Chakra :

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