Immortal Teleportation, There is a Season

As we pass into the future, Teleportation will reach that place of being our ongoing lifestyle. The difficulty with this is there are far too many who wish to practice Teleportation living ‘now today’ on this satellite of the Sun so often neglected by the powers that be.

As with any task that seems larger than one’s own personal capacity, larger than human life capacity, the power to believe and relentlessly view this Teleportation thing at every angle – must be taken on.

For to accomplish this a pyramid of transcendence, the very top door leading into the advancement of the human soul must/will be opened. The mission of finding oneself in their own human like body in another place by the power of thought alone, on Earth or Space or Other Dimension, has powerful consequences; after all we have regressed – to this state in Evolution where our physical body must not only be nurtured, but technically is our point of reference and container of Reality Consciousness. 

By entering into the Buddha mind we are able to contact, in vision, energies that bind the Earth and free the Earth. We call this energy electromagnetic frequencies. be continued






Recognizing Teleportation as the Mind Moving with Love

Teleportation is a high state of understanding God Consciousness. It is a gift that must be taken with great dedication.  It is an ongoing pure state one experiences until they are truly free in it.

Teleportation is a magical state which truly exists, which all have and can enjoy, master, by purifying, stabilizing, entering this great energy frequency.

Mind Spirit Physical – are 3 varying frequencies from one source frequency.

The Law of Movement is the following:

The Mind is an Absolute

Spirit is Absolute

Matter or the Physical Body is the Conduit


The technique of accessing the knowledge of teleportation – passing through matter on the wave of energy, requires one begin with the present Mind State.

The Mind State now, today is that consciousness is in therefore of the physical world.

Our mind first needs to ‘imagine’ that it is capable and is moving with the physical body, i.e., full senses awakened through a pure energy stream, to any place in the universe one seeks to visit/be/exist.

To accomplish this requires a great deal of energy, still easy does it. In other words once one accesses this energy frequency, the juxtaposition relative to what previously was observed as a purely physical tangent reality now becomes seemingly immense, too large, never ending perhaps. To view this new state one must decide what is important, what one wants.


Teleportation is a gift of grace of Immortal Awareness.

If One practicing Immortal Awareness wants to go from point A to Point B, this will occur – once the desire is greater than the gravity point holding the present form in place. Or, said in other words, once ones energy is realized as being in ALL Energy as One.

Wanting to go to a specific location and stand or sit there physically in place requires deep desire, the most holy or purist desire.

Why does one want to experience bi-location? Obviously it is a step in gaining God Consciousness, but for our reasons here it has some thing to do with survival.

Freedom from floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, pestilence, starvation, wars - holocausts of any kind, take their toll. People who do not embrace God awareness will find themselves in dire situations. This has always been true. People of God awareness do not go through suffering, unless they have the perverted itch to do so. That perverted itch is religious martyrdom, or adventurous neglect.



The Process of Teleportation

Purity opens the lower chakras and unveils, un-tethers the yoke of the ‘body gravity spot’.

First Course of Allowance

1)      Lay down on a supportive pad and allow your self to agree that Teleportation is a True Reality that One/You can master. Surrender your mind to the actual process of being some where else. The acceptance of Teleportation as REAL will take some doing, firstly. Imagine that this power is in your grasp, now and in this lifetime, preferably very soon. The critical point of belief must be reached and excelled, for the process to take ground in your actual Teleportation Process of Manifestation. You have to remove the dumb spot in your brain and on your soul in order to shift to the Teleportation Frequency.

2)      Relax in the mind and the physical body, and enter the current which will take you to the Teleportation field of energy

3)      Allow your present physical body to enter the realm of bi-location, it is a state as real as any other; waiting for you to experience

4)      Open your heart so the current becomes deeper. The deeper the current the greater the pull into the teleportation realm.

5)      Practice equates results.





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